Since 2013 I have been working full-time as an art teacher. From middle 2015 I have also been teaching some drama so maybe I should say arts teacher. Other than that I mess around with at least a dozen creative ideas at a time. Sometimes I even make something that I consider finished.

But that is of course not the complete story so let me fill that out.


As an art teacher I am very interested in how my students learn to make art and in how I make art myself. I am continuously busy adjusting both my teaching and my art making based on the influence each have on the other. Again, recently I have been surprised about how large and/or insignificant those influences can be. Some days all I have to hope for is to open a student’s mind just a little bit to broader possibilities.

Gerhi Janse van Vuuren, Selfportrait, 2000, oil on hardboard
Gerhi Janse van Vuuren, Selfportrait, 2000, oil on hardboard

Oh yes, that also means that I am a practicing artist. Practicing but not professional because even though I would like to make money directly from my art I am not doing so at this moment. Not that I have been ostensibly trained to do so, it is just not so easy in practice (making art and making money from art).

As a practicing artist I work in painting, mixed media collage, printmaking, drawing and sculpture (and writing). Which are also what I teach my students. Because these two activities influence each other.

My approach to art making (and teaching) is experimental. I rarely know what the process or outcome would be and continuously adjust or rework my approaches and methodologies. However, I strive to base these experimentations on sound principles.

About the writing. This blog is part of the writing which I also approach artistically and experimentally. Words and meaning has always formed a subtext in my art and in my writing I want to exploit this interplay, approaching a painting like a piece of writing and a text like a painting.

Note: This interplay between text and image is something that has always fascinated me. So it is there in the background of what I do but not so much a true focus at the moment.

I also have an interest in the dramatic. But for the moment that is a minor theme in both my artistic practice and teaching profession. Minor but growing. I recently had the opportunity to co-direct (there were four directors) a class 11 play. I must admit that I learned more about negotiating and compromising than drama but I am very proud of our end product nonetheless.

To conclude, a couple of specific observations: I am male, married, with two children (boys). I teach high school art at a Waldorf School. I live in Randburg, Gauteng. I am of an age that require me to take care of my body out of necessity and I have virtually no interest in any sporting activity whatsoever. I have read my eyes to ruin and can’t stop even if you paid me to.


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