Weekly Painting Studio Post #1

I am able to write this from my studio because for the first time in a considerable number of years I do have a studio. Even though is only half of a double garage and therefore not purpose-built in any way. But is there with enough space to work on painting without hindrance.

Painting by Gerhi Janse van Vuuren of two figures flanked by trees
Gerhi Janse van Vuuren, “remember that we could do anything”, 2017, oil on canvas, 76,5 x 76,5 cm

At the end of last year we realised that my wife had not used her part of our joint office in months. We created a new workspace for her in the house and this freed up the space for me to create a dedicated studio space. This came with a decision to make a concerted effort to create a body of work in the coming year.

For this I have pre-conceived of a focus and approach, in contrast to my usual practice of just painting what comes to mind. Though that is a great way to paint as a hobby it is not a very good idea if you want approach it as a serious pursuit.

Because I started a new series for 2018 I only have a work in progress. The painting accompanying this post, remember that we could do anything, was a conclusion of this painting whatever while at the same time acting as a trial for settling in the new studio. This will also be the last work with figures for the next year because my series for 2018 takes inspiration from plant growth. I am letting go of figures for a while.

I have been neglecting my website almost as much as my painting. With painting as a focus this year I will also use this to focus my site. Over the next couple of weeks I will start populating the pages with my art from 2017 and before. It will take a year to fill it with work from 2018.

In addition to a weekly studio post I will also feature a painting every week. I hope to alternate between work from pre-2017 and current work. And then I will also do a regular post based on information from teaching high school art.

My web serial, Half Midnight, which I started at the end of last year will continue but it will decidedly not be a focus at all. You can think of it as me doodling a story in the margins.

For the coming week I will spend my time on sorting out issues with my site (I am not happy with the template) while working on the first keystone painting of my series. In addition I also need to look at doing some preparation for school which starts in two weeks. And from that it is clear that I’ll have to start juggling things from day one of 2018.

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