On this page there is a contact form which you can use to contact me. And you are welcome to contact me, which is why there is this easily accessible form on my website. But first:

Why would you want to contact me?

I really don’t know but if you can’t think of something then here is a couple of suggestions:

  1. You really like something I wrote and just want to give me a compliment (or the complete opposite of this – if you are angry enough you won’t need any more prompts)*
  2. You want to use any of my stuff with or without paying me (Tip: mostly you can’t without payment or permission because of copyright and intellectual property and stuff, but argue your case if you want to.)
  3. You think you were at school or varsity or something with me and you want to know if I am that guy.
  4. You want me to do a talk or a workshop or a something.

*Please remember that I own and may use any content submitted through this contact form in any way I may see fit.

Promise: Your privacy will always be protected.

That should give you a start. But please, even if I haven’t listed your reason and you still want to contact me, go for it:

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