How much is your time worth?

Silly question because you cannot sell your time. Not really. You can do things for other people and get paid for doing it but are you selling time? Never.

sands in hourglass
Look, the sands of time are running out – give them a quick count
What do you do with time then? You can’t save it, you can’t waste it. It just is. Now. This is time.

See, there it goes. It’s gone.

You wasted it. Now rather go do something else. Something important that could make a difference to you. Could be a nap. Could be a conversation. Could be writing a book, or not.

Enough silly questions, now a writing update.

Novel draft went 30 000 words forwards and 12 000 back. More clarity and focus was were (damn subject-verb rubbish) achieved. More writing needs to be done. It is going to take some time. Please let me know if you have any spare.