I don’t know if I can but I am willing to try

If this sounds a bit like I am rambling then it is because I am. I’m going back to the original idea of what a blog is, as I understand it. A web log. As it was explained then, a reverse-chronological journal of whatever comes to mind.

random warm colour arty materialsThis is what is coming to mind. And a lot is coming to mind because my mind is not pre-occupied with school at the moment (our vacation having started yesterday). And yesterday was Youth Day which means (as an old man) I spent most of the day lounging about doing nothing. But also as an old man I know that I don’t have that many days left and I can’t spent too much time doing nothing. I start itching.

So, this morning I’m scratching at least one itch by blogging. Something I should be doing regularly if it is supposed to be a proper blog (web log). And always when I say log I think of those Star Trek logs that give a star date and a Captain’s log and then an intro or conclusion to a story. I always wanted to hear at least one log that deal with the nitty-gritty of a Starship like dealing with blocked toilets.

I’m picking up on a number of things, which I hope to touch on over the next couple of weeks. And with this I hope to revive my blog again to something I do at least semi-regularly, if not over-frequently. I am aiming for too much rather than too little with the hope of hitting just right.

What is coming up then? Or, where is my mind wandering and what projects do I have on the boil? Let me make a list, just because:

  1. I start next term with a Main Lesson with my own guardian class. It is Drama Main Lesson and we will be doing Twelfth Night. That would be one of Shakespeare’s plays I know very little about and that means a bit of study and reading and thinking to get a handle on it. It will also be my first Drama Main Lesson so that makes it a double challenge for me. I’m very much looking forward to it.
  2. Still with school, I need to write an essay on my own teaching at a Waldorf school. This is part of my training as a Waldorf teacher and once I have done it I would be mostly finished with the introduction to be a Waldorf teacher. Apparently, however, it will take another four years before I really begin to feel like one. Always learning.
  3. I’ve set myself a challenge to make some paintings. Look back at the five things post. With the business of the end of term that whole process fell apart and I have to pick it up again. Updates on that as it goes because I would really like to get some painting done again.
  4. There are some hard-core maintenance to be done at home. One kitchen cupboard door has been broken for six months. Some shrubs needs winter trimming and all kinds of other stuff. Let’s see how much of that I get done.
  5. I have written a short monologue. I hope it will grow but I want to work it up as something I can perform, even just as the short snippet it is. I’m ploughing into new ground here so it feels a bit daunting but also exciting.
  6. Leading on from that, I trying to get together with a friend because we have an idea for writing a play together. It might just be a dead-end conversation or it may lead to something but we need to have a talk about it. That needs happening.
  7. And then lastly I have my fiction writing that I want to get to. Whether it would be new things or reviving old things I don’t know. Possibly half-half if I can get it right. For that I will be picking up on the Slow Writing post format. Let’s see how tat goes.
  8. And then really lastly, this blog and other online stuff that needs doing such as the Playing Mantis website.

And that brings me to the end of the ramblings, for now. Because it seems as if I have bitten of much more than what I can chew. All above here is much more than three weeks of business, or is it?

I don’t know. I’ve never pushed myself to work very hard before. What will happen if I do?