If not here, where? If not now, when?

Another cryptic heading because I am not intending to tax myself with trying to create things with phrases that Google might like or some other arbitrary hamster driven reason. This is my blog where I want to post things that I write firstly for the reason of having somewhere to post it. If somebody might find it and read it, bonus.

Which is why I am firstly simplifying a lot of what is happening here. I’m taking away categories for instance. And I’ve removed the newsletter subscription form. I have no desire to start a newsletter so I’m not even entertaining the idea with trying to entice people to sign up. If you want to get notices via email to can sign up to updates direct from the site. Automated and easy and I don’t have to do squat.

So, what now?

I intend to revive my blog. Meaning that I want to use it to its full extent, as a blog. Possibly and aiming to post daily. Please not that I do not say write daily, I said post daily. Meaning that sometimes I will write and post as I go, like this post that is going to be posted just after I’ve written it, with a slight time delay.

Or, I am going to dig stuff I have written and have posted on other blogs and previous incarnations of this blog, dust of those posts and post them, on a scheduled basis.

Or, I am going to sit down for a day and write a bunch of posts and schedule them ahead.

Or, I am going to use some secret formula to pull posts out of thin air and then have them magically appear on my site. This requires ginger, battery acid and a skinny cat and at the moment our cat is too fat.

But what I am going to do to fill out the daily schedule is to take whatever I write and schedule it on a specific day of the week some time in the future for the next twenty weeks. Then I’m going to, when I get to this again, take another day of the week and schedule posts for that day, ten weeks into the future. Rinse and repeat until I have a post every day for ten weeks into the future and then let’s see what happens.

So, why am I telling you this?

I’m not. I’m telling it to myself because what my blog firstly is for is to put my thinking outside myself that I can have a look at it. And some of that thinking is wishful thinking in terms of what I am able to do. Or, in other words, planning and goal setting.

In summary then, this blog is my writing/thinking space. Your welcome to tag along but I’m not doing this specifically to build a readership, blog a book or sell anything. I am just thinking out loud.