One step forward, two steps back

Old cover for Grizzle & Bone
Old cover for Grizzle & Bone under nom de plume Gerhi Feuren
Between 2012 and 2015 I published eight short stories through Amazon Kindle and some of the same eight through other channels (under the name Gerhi Feuren). I sold a handful directly and a mere four copies through Amazon. Clearly not a roaring success. But nevertheless a good process and learning experience.

But I have now unpublished all of my short stories, which may seem as if I am going backwards. Maybe I am but only time will tell. Maybe I will republish them here as free stories. I have not made that decision yet.

Have I given up on writing? No, I haven’t. On the contrary, I am now as committed as ever to keep writing. I am very close to finishing the draft of a novel. Very, very close but I don’t want to say more than that. But I do want to say that my focus is on writing the novel. That novel specifically and then the novel as a particular form.

When I have more information available I will post it here. But for the moment I am hunkering down to finish the first novel. Then other things may be said, or not.