Stop Re-inventing the Wheel

We have become so enamoured with innovation and originality that it has become a punishment to do any task. In stead of stealing and borrowing ideas and parts from anywhere we would rather go and figure out the core purpose and re-invent the thing from the ground up.

Tricycle chained to pole
We’re not going anywhere today
This has to stop.


Because trying to be innovative and original on every single task is daft. It is like trying to re-invent walking every morning before you get out of bed. You are not going to get very far.

Case in point. I have to set a test. The work to be covered are well circumscribed by the curriculum. The weight of the marks and the level of questioning as well. I have been testing this section for a number of years, so has other teachers.

What would be easier? Trying to develop completely original questions or cutting and pasting more or less from a number of previous papers?

Had you asked me a year ago I would have said that you have to work out your own questions, from scratch. But even that is not possible. Because scratch do not exist. And if I did it would be a colossal waste of time.

No, I’m cutting and pasting (and editing for flow), and spending more of my energy and time teaching rather that trying to reinvent the track.

Nothing original going on here.