Works mean stuff that I make (or have made). I used to try to be just a painter and just make paintings. Or just a writer and just write stories. At some point I tired just serialised fantasy adventure short stories between 6 and 7 thousand words each.

But I found out that I don’t work that way. I make different things, at different times for different reasons. And on this page I make a list of the things I have done or are busy doing. Some are for sale. Some are sold (especially possible if it is a unique item). Some are free, at least to look at. And some are just here because I want to brag about them.

If there is something on the list that you kind of like but not precisely, then feel welcome to contact me and discuss a commission. Depending on what I am busy with I might consider any halfway sane proposal.

Works by Gerhi Janse van Vuuren



More coming soon…